Whitney Dunlap-Fowler

Whitney Dunlap-Fowler is a seasoned semiotician and brand strategist specializing in helping clients build culturally intelligent brands. With more than 12 years of brand building expertise, she equips clients with the cultural strategy and foresight tools needed to insure their insights today will positively impact their bottom line beyond tomorrow. Before becoming an independent strategist (Touch of Whit Creative), Whitney held roles at Kantar Added Value and Kelton Global and obtained her Masters in Media Culture and Communications at NYU. Today, she continues to work with clients across a wide variety of categories including Sephora, Meta, Target, ESPN, Oribe and more while overseeing Insights in Color, a diversity initiative for multicultural market research and insights professionals rooted in disruption, which she founded in 2020.

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The Giver

"The themes we find can feel fleeting and unsteady — until we name them."