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See you in Porto?

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As previously announced, I’ve been invited to present at the next SEMIOFEST conference — which will take place in Porto (Portugal) on May 22nd–24th. Just wanted to encourage those of you who haven’t made plans to attend to do so — events like this one are vanishingly rare and wonderful.

The conference theme is “liminality”; I will speak about liminality in fantasy narratives. I’m grateful to the Semiofest 2024 organizers, and to the Semiofest board.

Here’s the official Semiofest 2024 announcement.

There will be so many familiar faces there, and so many new folks too! Because of my role as founding organizer of Semiofest’s monthly(ish) online “sessions”, as well as my Q&As with semioticians worldwide, and the various international series we’ve published here at SEMIOVOX [see below], I’ve come to “know” so many terrific people… but most of them I’ve never met face-to-face. I’m eager to do so.

Fellow semios, I hope to see you there…

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