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Old Money

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The CODE-X series catalogs a vast codex of source codes (aka “signs”) extracted from past audits.

Note that signs on their own, while sometimes interesting, only become truly revelatory and useful once they’re sorted into thematic complexes, and the complexes into codes, and the codes into a meaning map. We call this process “thick description”; the Code-X series is thin description.

OLD MONEY” NORM: The (low-key, carefully un-ostentatious) trappings of inherited luxury, status, privilege.

OLD MONEY” FORMS: Sailing, yacht clubs, dockside lifestyle: boat shoes, weathered wood. In general, a sense of being at (say) a Kennebunk estate, or Martha’s Vineyard.

(From a 2016 audit, commissioned by a global spirits company, of “Premium Spirits.”)

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