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Creating & (Re)Energizing Brands

A successful brand must communicate its norms (emotional and rational propositions and claims) via verbal and visual forms (e.g., advertising, pack design) in a precisely targeted and differentiating manner — which is tricky in a complex, ever-evolving culture. Unlike traditional market research, semiotic analysis offers a guide to the codes (combinations of forms and norms) at work in any culture or category.

Semiotic analysis classifies both cultural and category codes used by competing brands; it then maps these codes — revealing which brands are directly competing for mindshare, and how they're doing it.  

Example from a sample report — available on request.

Example from a sample report — available on request.

Semiotic analysis is a critical tool for clients and agencies under the following circumstances:

  • Launching a new brand.
  • Planning a brand's new communication strategy.
  • Seeking fresh ways to communicate a brand's norms, or tell its story.
  • Differentiating a brand in its competitive environment.
  • Repositioning a brand in order to stay in step with (or get ahead of) social, cultural, economic, and technological change.
  • Disrupting cultural or category norms.
  • Identifying themes (e.g., "soothing," "sustainability," "wellbeing") and metaphors across multiple national and/or global markets.

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