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Innovation & Evolution

In order to successfully innovate or extend a brand into new segments, and persuasively communicate new functional and emotional benefits, it's critical to unlock category codes that surround the opportunity.

Semiotic analysis makes possible qualitative segmentation of both market and cultural categories. 

Example from a sample report — available on request.

Example from a sample report — available on request.

The resulting category-code and brand maps are a critical tool for clients and agencies under the following circumstances:

  • Creating game-changing innovations and shifting category paradigms.
  • Gaining strategic insight into which brands in a category are directly competing for mindshare, and locating white space within the category offering opportunities for differentiation.
  • Understanding how best to scale a brand by extending it into new segments or adjacencies.
  • Locating a unique, own-able space for a new brand to inhabit.
  • Identifying new and interesting functional and emotional benefits.
  • Introducing a new product, or new functional or emotional benefits, across multiple national and/or global markets.

For more explanation and examples of how Semiovox can help your brand innovate and evolve, contact us.