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Code Trending

The discipline of semiotic analysis, as applied to culture and brands, combines logical and rigorous exercises such as code-cracking and thematic classification with a more intuitive knowledge: cultural expertise. Unlike traditional trend forecasting, which looks at emergent consumer behavior, semiotic analysis looks at the emergent norms and forms which help guide and shape consumer attitudes.

Semiotic analysis is not to be confused with trend-spotting, cool-hunting, or futurology. However, because we analyze an enormous set of stimulus, and furthermore because we are well-versed in our own culture's trends (we work with cultural experts internationally, as well), semiotic analysis surfaces cultural and category codes that aren't articulated by consumers during consumer research.

Example from a sample report — available on request.

Example from a sample report — available on request.

Our "R-D-E" (residual-dominant-emergent trajectory) is a critical tool for clients and agencies under the following circumstances:

  • Inspiring and energizing marketing and brand teams about future opportunities.
  • Planning a forthcoming brand, pack design, communications campaign, or innovative product — ensuring brands stay ahead of the curve relative to the competition.
  • Re-energizing a brand by communicating its norms via emergent — but appropriate — forms, i.e., instead of simply chasing cultural or category trends that might be off-message for the brand.
  • Doing all of the above across multiple national and/or global markets.

For more explanation and examples of how Semiovox can offer insights into evolving code trends, contact us.